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Helldivers » HELLDIVERS Celebrate Anniversary, free outfit added!

Soldiers of Super Earth,

Today marks the anniversary of the launch of Helldivers and the day we first went to Galactic War!
While victories and defeats come and go, the War lasts and Super Earth is always developing new ways to spread Liberty further into the galaxy.

Recognizing the importance of our fighters, we would like to acknowledge our loyal Helldivers by releasing a free prototype cosmetic outfit to use in battle. You will get the chance to wear a new and previously untested armor!

The ‘Next-Gen’ uniform is the latest development in Super Earth military outfitting. Made to last the Helldiver forces for years to come, living on for future generations beyond our own.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last two years and contributed to this great community. We are proud to spread Democracy with you, Soldiers!