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Wall World » Healing Issues Update & Major Changes

Hey, wall diggers! We’ve prepared a major update that includes many bug fixes and several major changes. Please make sure that you have the latest ( version of the game.

First things first, the ‘Dying Changes Everything’ achievement is now available even if you met its conditions earlier, before the DLC achievements were added to the game.

List of changes:

  • Reduced the Pulse Gun relic damage.
  • Reduced the drones’ rocket damage.
  • Changed the attacking priority for the drones and the spider’s rockets. They now target the most dangerous zyrex first and the weakest ones last.
  • Changed the layer of the circular drone’s spawn from the layer under the character to the layer under the robospider.
  • Added a warning sign that appears on the player’s robospider when the Zeus (white robospider) launches the homing rocket.
  • Fixed an issue when the repair kit didn’t heal the character.
  • Fixed an issue when the robospider didn’t take any damage after the first dash to the Leviathan’s tentacle until the next dash.
  • Fixed an issue when the player didn’t take any damage from the Leviathan’s laser.
  • Fixed an issue when the robospider got stuck in the enemies’ dying animation and couldn’t move forward until the melee enemies disappeared off the screen.
  • Fixed an issue when the talent ‘Rare Resources’ brought the resources from the DLC to the base game.
  • Fixed an issue when the circular drone kept attacking the areas on the wall where the Boulder was located before it was destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue when the rocket stopped working after players bought its 5th grade in the meta-shop.
  • Fixed a visual issue when the animation of Leviathan’s death displayed incorrectly and had the wrong size.
  • Fixed a visual issue when the energy shield was not visible against the cloud background.

Thank you for your feedback and support in helping us make Wall World better. Stay tuned and enjoy the game 💙