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Motordoom » Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year 2024

I wish you happy new year 2024!

2023 was a great year and I wanted to thank you very much for playing my games, supporting me on my game dev journey and being part of the Hobo Cat Games Community. Without you this would not be possible.

Next year Motördoom will release and I will soon be announcing when and how. Stay tuned for that. In the meanwhile check out the updated demo. This new update brings some changes, fixes and additions to the game. Check them out below:

Adding Kills to Combo Multiplier

Only the first kill of a certain enemy type in a row will increase the combo multiplier. To increase the combo multiplier by killing another enemy, you need to either kill another enemy type next or do a trick in between. So if you kill 5 enemies of the same type at once, your combo multiplier will only increase by 1. The base combo score however will increase and represent all points of the killed enemies.

Here are some examples:
You kill 2 Cerebral Daemonium enemies at once that award you with 300 points each.
Your combo will look like this:
1 x 600 (600 points total)

You kill a Cerebral Daemonium (300 points) and while still in the air a Heretic Wheel (1000 points)
Your combo will look like this:
2 x 1300 (2600 points total)

You kill a Cerebral Daemonium (300 points), perform a Tailwhip (50 points) and kill another Cerebral Daemonium (300 points).
Your combo will look like this:
3 x 650 (1950 points total)

This change tanks the highscores by a lot and gives more incentive to perform tricks and switch up your gameplay. Before, it was possible to just ride around in a manual and kill hundreds of enemies to rack up a ridiculously high combo multiplier. Now you will need to master the combination of doing tricks and kills be on top of the leaderboard, which ultimately is what Motördoom is all about.

Choosing Demonic Offerings

Every time you level up and are presented with the demonic offering choices, the game will now completely stop. Giving you all the time you need to carefully read and choose the best card offering for your build.

Career Mode

Whilst not available in the demo yet, I started implementing a career mode. This mode will be the main mode to play and unlock the new stages.
This mode is pretty much inspired by the career mode of the Tony Hawks Pro Skater games and feature different objectives in each level.
Next to killing the boss at the end of the timer, each level now features different objectives to complete like: collecting M.O.T.Ö.R. and C.O.M.B.O. letters, reaching different highscores, achieving combo goals and other fun challenges.
Beating a minimum amount of challenges in each stage will unlock new stages to play.
This additions gives players more things to do than simply surviving 10 minutes and killing the boss. Also I think it will help new players getting into the game better since the challenges all teach you how to play the game and introduce you the levels and to potential combo lines.

Small changes and improvements

Here is a list with smaller changes since the last update.

  • New explosion particles
  • New fire particles
  • New rocket trail particles
  • Flip Fire Demon card changed to Blood Offering card
  • Behavior update of Motörskull boss
  • New blood attacks for Motörjesus boss
  • Balancing
  • Small changes and bug fixes

As always please let me know what you think about these changes. You can do so either in the community discussions here on steam or on the Hobo Cat Games Discord server.

With all that I hope you have a great New Year’s Eve and I see you in 2024!

Hobo Cat Games