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Don't Shit On My #!$@& Roof » Happy Holidays !

Happy Holidays!

To celebrate the end of this year and the beginning of the new one, the pigeons, despite the fact that they are evil beings, have dressed a little hat for the occasion.

For us, the end of the year was marked by the release of Don’t Shit On My #!$@& Roof and the very good reception you gave to the game.

We hope to be able to reach our goals on this game soon enough and offer you a better experience with time and even more diversified.

As we said before, the next update is in production BUT it will be a little bit more substantial than the others. We want to make the game more attractive to new players and more streamable. And for that we need a little more time. It should be released at the end of January, beginning of February with as planned content: 5 bosses, a new family of items, a reworked objective and progression system and more graphics.
Once again, thank you for everything and for the kindness you bring to the game and to the team!