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Blazing Beaks » Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to present you a new small update which got some spooky Halloween themed surprises during Steam Halloween event. Besides that, we added 4 new artifacts which will be permanent even after Halloween event ends, made some other changes and fixed some bugs. As always we want to thank to our community for feedback and suggestions. Good news for loopers – new changes now will prevent from complicated situations where players couldn’t make a choice whether to loop or end the game. Enjoy! 🙂

More detailed patch notes:


  • Added 4 new artifacts.


  • Changed Razor Blade artifact visual representation and name into Larva’s Tusk. Artifact affect remains the same.
  • Edited Helmet item description.
  • Added a limit of how much projectiles speed can be reduced in total when stacking a lot of Coal artifacts.
  • Projectiles now will be destroyed soon after final boss health is depleted.
  • Also projectiles now will be destroyed soon after the last shot in final boss fight.
  • Bouncing projectiles in final boss fight will have a short range when shooting the last shot despite of items and artifacts affects.
  • Removed Poisoned Spearhead, Infected Bandages, Nettle, Grappling Hook, Bogy Bone, Ice Cube, Dead Slug and Crutch artifacts from artifacts pool in “Collector” challenge.
  • Increased hearts drop possibility for Easy difficulty runs.
  • Fuser ability will not be dropped anymore in “The Hard Way” challenge.
  • Players will not be able to take damage using Nails ability in final moments of final boss fight.
  • Corrected English descriptions for few items.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to end the game without looping if player had Thistle weapon.

Best regards,
Tomas & Eduardas