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Zombie Party » *HALLOWEEN UPDATE 13*

***Trading cards are still in the review process by steam, I was really hoping they’d be approved by now, but the work is done and they will be available as soon as steam approves them which should be in a day or two. Thank you for your patience!

Happy Halloween Party Friends!!!

I hope you’ve been faring well as we come up on this popular holiday! I hope everyone has big plans to enjoy halloween with loved ones!

Today, I bring you UPDATE 13, the halloween update, which has a whole bag of goodies waiting for you. Holiday jokes aside, this update cover a lot of ground to complete some of the content you’ve all been waiting for. Tons of new characters, tons of new guns, a huge unlocks glossary with descriptions for everything in the game, new hats, new sounds, tons of bug fixes, and more.

Here is a list of the major new features/content:
– 16 new characters – Now totalling 50 (completing the roster)
– Meet Count Johnny, Jack Frost, Lucifer, Spooki, and Mr Bumble to name a few
– 16 new guns – The Bee Gun, Cerebrum Charger, Golden Gun, Tome of Storms, and many more!
– New hats, including Pumpkinhead, which is free – as a gift to you for the holiday!
– New Discoveries Glossary – Track your total percent of the game you’ve discovered!
– New descriptions for EVERYTHING in the game (250+ descriptions)!
– Trading Cards (to be approved by steam very soon)
– New charge based weapons.
– New fun character types and sizes!
– New tips, fonts, and sound effects!
– Tons of bugs fixed!

Now for more pichers:

I hope you guys have a great Halloween. Stay tuned, as there is always more content in the works!

I love you guys! Happy Holidays! Stay spooky!