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Feisty Fauna » Halloween story available

To celebrate the spooky month of October, we have added a side storyline for Halloween, where Peppermint visits the Haunted Hinterlands.

Peppermint will have to survive the spooky inhabitants of Haunted Hinterlands in order to uncover the mystery of the portal that opened in her farm. The Halloween story is available in our campaign / story-mode, and also in the classic mode (without a story). Try it out today and let us know what you think!


  • Haunted Hinterlands (Halloween world) is now available in both the campaign mode as well as classic mode
  • Added costumes for player characters (use alt, or shoulder gamepad buttons to change costumes)
  • Twitch viewer minions now also have costumes
  • Buffed starting skills of Vanilla and Creme Brulee
  • The wishlist button now opens up the Steam overlay
  • Sound effects are now throttled, so not too many sounds will play at the same time
  • Replaced the comet sound, to reduce excessive reverb

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Pomegranate could be killed in the campaign instead of being defeated
  • Fixed a bug where Butter / Ginger could have a double interaction in the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where screen resolutions above 1920×1280 were not saved correctly