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Grimdark Survivors » Grimdark Demo 0.5 Release

After 2 months of hard Demo developing, Grimdark is now out in version 0.5!

Thank you everyone for playing the game and for your feedback!

I hope you all enjoy Grimdark in its complete (?) form!


Added 2 new elites
Added 1 new boss
Added 4 new characters
Added 8 new abilities
Added 22 new items


1 Weapon
Attack speed +200%
Damage modifications are doubled
Ability: Throwing knifes

Black Reaper:
2 Weapons
Armor -5
Speed +30%
Ability: Saws

Brown Reaper:
Luck +100
Luck modifications are increased by 25%
Ability: [Work in progress]

“Range +5
Each 0.5 Range adds 1% Damage
HP modifiers -35%
Crit Damage modifiers -35%
Ability: Kunai

HP +5
Speed +5%
HP reg +2
Each 1 Armor adds 1 HP regen
Ability: Shurikens

HP reg +1
Armor +5
Enemy hp -20%
Enemy damage -60%
Reroll price -50%
Ability: Collection

13 Weapon
80% Enemy Spawn
HP reg +2
-50% Урон
Ability: Grenade[Work in progress]

Enemy spawn -50%
Enemy hp +250%
Enemy damage +50%
Currency drop +200%
Each 5% Speed adds 1 HP regen
Ability: [Work in progress]

EXP +200%
Shop price +50%
Ability: [Work in progress]

5 weapons
Physical damage +2 for every +1 mystic damage
Mystic damage +1 for every +2 physical damage
Ability: [Work in progress]

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