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Skelly Selest » Grave Raiser Update

Greetings ghoulish death kindlers, thy time has cometh…

A new character vessel has been added called the Grave Raiser. He has the worst fighting abilities of all the vessels but has the unusual ability to kindle those he slays into familiars to fight in his stead. The amount of familiars he can control is linked to his health, depending on the game type. You can’t just run off and let your minions do all the dirty work however! Each kill you personally make rekindles your resurrection flame, which slowly fades away. Once the flame has exhausted, your familiars will fall into a bone heap until you rekindle once more. The flame will only fade if there are enemies though so you don’t have to fret when dallying in a merchantile shop for example. There’s also 2 new achievements related to the new vessel.

Previously to unlock character vessels you simply had to make it to the relic room of the Dungeon Pilgrimage, but no more! Now each character vessel has their own unique unlock method, which involves some sort of light puzzle, challenge or exploration reward. In the General settings you can now also relock vessels you have previously unlocked.

I wanted to spruce up general levels a bit so there’s now destructible pots which apart from getting in your way have a very low chance of containing a consumable. There’s also 6 new thematic traps which also have a chance of spawning to spoil your lovely day in Hell.

Each of the minibosses have a new extra attack so they’re less predictable. And since the Dank Crypts no longer have a character unlock it’s had a little sprucing up.

In the Dungeon Pilgrimage there’s a new room type which contains a nice fat chest but is protected by anointed meanies. There’s also a chance of extra doorways being added to the dungeon generation so thy path may not seem quite so linear.

– New Special Room: Omen Cranium
– New Items: Twin Strike, Skully Familiar
– New Hats: Eyeful For You, Maddy Turnip

Enjoy! :]