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Soundodger 2 » Goodbye Early Access, Hello uh… Access!

Hello Dodge Fans!

The day has finally come. Soundodger 2 is now 1.0.0! No more Early Access. All features and songs and levels and dreams in general are in the game, ready for you to dodge to your heart’s content. Thanks to everyone who has helped the project out along the way, including the lovely folks from the official discord, countless friends and family, and of course the incredible musicians and level creators who joined the team to bring you the amazing experience we now have.

I’ll keep this short so you have more time to enjoy the game, so from all of us here, please enjoy!

changelog v1.0.0

  • Added 27 Achievements
  • Added 15 new songs & 45 new levels
  • Added heart gain/loss to heatmap
  • Removed Seventeen & Something expert (…for now)
  • Tweaked ending of Crowds expert to be less impossible
  • Minor tweaks to Talk About It, Modular Origami, safety in the sun advanced, ShinShinjuku expert
  • Major revisions to Shibuya advanced
  • Updated audio for Sophomore Slump
  • Added 2nd heart to Sophomore Slump challenge
  • Fixed inconsistent graze score math
  • Added 2 unlockable modes
  • Added ability to hold arrow keys to quickly scroll through levels
  • Fixed stream patterns sometimes firing while paused

Level Select

  • Fixed jpeg thumbnails not displaying
  • Tweaked position of grade quotations
  • Fixed thumbnail preview for album art not coloring correctly in some situations
  • Added 40 album art images (1 for each song)
  • Adjusted unlock requirements for most songs/levels


  • Fixed text that was sent away via gravity staying in its last position when time jumping
  • Improved performance when too many extra markers
  • Fixed text getting stuck on screen when time jumping