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The Reaper Survivors » Good Update

Hello everyone! We have finally released the game update v0.1!

Features list:

  1. Transition to Unreal Engine 5:
    An important step in the development of our game was the switch to a completely new game engine – Unreal Engine 5. This transition will enable us to create incredibly vibrant graphics and introduce numerous new features and mechanics.
  2. 3-Player Co-op:
    Great news! The game will now support a co-op play for up to 3 players. You will be able to team up with your friends to battle monsters and explore the world together.
  3. Gameplay Changes:
    We’ve revised our approach, so now players will need to complete levels. Each level will consist of 5 different rooms, each with its own secrets and challenges. It will make the gameplay more interesting and exciting.
  4. New Characters:
    The update will include 4 new characters with unique abilities and personalities
    • Bloody Wizard – a magical wizard with the ability to create a magic ball that defeat enemies from a long range.
    • Dungeon Queen – a mysterious queen of the dungeon with the ability to control acoustic waves, transforming them into powerful weapons.
    • Dan – a mystical creature from the dark world with the ability to attack with the horrifying matter.
    • Golden Warrior – a powerful warrior whose strength is come from gold, the most precious metal.

  5. New Abilities with Attractive Visual Effects:
    We’ve added exciting new abilities for each of the characters, with stunning visual effects. Now you can showcase your strength and prowess with new skills!
  6. New Monsters:
    To make the game world more dangerous and engaging, we’ve added new monsters in this update, each with different characteristics and tactics. Get ready to face terrifying creatures!