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Rift Loopers » Giga QOL Patch

Hello Loopers!

It has been an exciting couple weeks since our 1.0 release – we appreciate all the support and feedback you all have given and as such, we are pushing out some major changes and improvements to the game.

Biggest change is to improving support for gamepads – the right thumbstick will now shoot your weapons as well as face your character – this allows you to take advantage of both triggers and bumpers for abilities – which should greatly improve comfortability in using lined abilities. Let us know how this feels.

Another change is REMOVING the passive requirements to unlock the Ability Modifications special upgrade – after thinking about it, I was just linking them to random passives and it didn’t really make sense to force players to have to take those passives – so ability unlocks will now be available when you max out the ability level (level 6). Granting ability mods may change in the future, but for now they are available immediately.

There are lots of other balancing changes and improvements too – check em all out below

Patch Notes

  • Boss health bar now updates correctly
  • Projectiles will no longer disappear if clients are too far away from host
  • Endless Mode: Elites spawn at beginning of wave
  • Endless Mode: HP scaling reduced
  • Endless Mode: spawn interval set by difficulty
  • Huge optimization pass
  • Ranged enemies will swap to melee and stay in melee less often
  • Difficulty now increases spawn interval
  • Only Elite enemies will scale with based on level
  • HP scaling based on difficulty decreased
  • Improved pawn detection for enemies
  • Stash health kit drop chance increased by 20% (crystal chance decreased by 20%)
  • Dodge Cooldown reduced by 50%
  • Abilities firing on button assignment fixed
  • Gamepad Right Thumbstick now controls weapon fire
  • Gamepad Default ability keys changed
  • Level up flow no longer requires virtual cursor for gamepad
  • fixes to focus issues on gamepad
  • New random objective: Push the ball to the objective, if you can!

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