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Vinebound: Bloom and Boom » Get to know the mighty Food Weapons!

Hello everyone!

Here we will show a little about the weapons that our Bloom Buddies can use to defeat the Moldy Horde.

  • The first one is the Strawberry Rod. It creates a magic ray that connects one player to another. Players must coordinate their movement to make enemies stay inside that ray, dealing damage while its active!
  • The second one is the Bow & Carrot. Each player shoots arrows in both directions, but one character shoots vertically and the other horizontally. Upgrading it can make the players shoot lots of carrots, almost becoming their own bullet-hells!
  • The third one is the Banana Sword. It creates a sword slash in the opposite direction of the other player. It’s a great weapon to deal critical hits and keep enemies away with its knockback.
  • The fourth one is the Pumpkin Bomb. It creates bombs that explode when the cooldown reaches the other player, dealing a lot of damage and knockback. Upgrading it can make you drop lots of bombs, raise the explosion area and raise its damage even more.

We are working now on even more Food Weapons, do you have an idea for a new weapon? Share it with us!