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Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power » Gauntlet of Power demo v0.0.5 Power of the bomb

Demo version 0.0.5 is here with a couple of minor changes and tweaks. The most important one, requested by the Discord chat, is having the Bomb’s attached to an action button instead of the dash movement.

This version also comes with brand new music from the hands of Rob aka Fractures, and it should get you pumping through those dungeon levels at increasing difficulty!

Besides those two key things it’s just a few little tweaks here and there to improve the overall demo. Didn’t have a lot of time to work on it in recent weeks (partly because of the Regulator City demo also getting a big update) but I wanted to push out a fresh demo, so enjoy!

Full changes list:

  • fixed: tiny-chest in same room as Boss key could spawn endless Boss keys
  • fixed: secret doors show a shadow marker (give away their presence)
  • fixed: some collision detection inaccuracies
  • fixed: random dungeon crash
  • fixed: some confusing controls with mouse in level-up screen
  • added: Bombs now thrown with action button (not with dodge/dash move)
  • added: Slight slowdown and invulnerability when level-up appears
  • added: Item description for Shop items
  • added: Light-up effect on certain items of interest
  • added: Different map-icon if you already grabbed the treasure-room chest
  • added: Random objects along the walls of dungeon rooms
  • added: New music
  • changed: Made axe movement more subtle
  • changed: cleaned up settings menus
  • changed: cleaned up Keyboard+Gamepad input settings
  • changed: disabled bomb-dropping in the shop room (no need there, and usually happens by accident)