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SpeedOverflow » GameUpdate

Reworked the shield mechanism, replacing the previous collision slow-down.

Now, colliding while sprinting will consume shields.
After a period of time, the shields will automatically regenerate.
Bursts and dashes will also regenerate shields, with dashes regenerating two layers and bursts regenerating 1-3 layers depending on the energy consumed.
When there are no shields, subsequent collisions will reduce health.

Modified all upgrades and items related to the shield.

Reworked the effects for upgrades and taking damage.
Added new effects for revival and death.

Added two new upgrades:

Rock Rolling Sands:
Shoot out shattered rocks to knock enemies away while sprinting.

Earthshaking Five Peaks (an advanced version of “Heavier than Mount Tai”):
A new mechanism, only available after unlocking all the previous upgrades in the upgrade tree.
Can be upgraded after obtaining all the “Heavier than Mount Tai” upgrades, vibrations will produce aftershocks.

Reworked two upgrades:

Soft Flow, Weak Water reworked into Winding Stream:
The character can now circle around a point.
“You can’t stop… but you can turn around.”

Stone Cracking Eggs:
Now entirely focused on enhancing knockback.