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Motordoom » Gameplay Update: Shoot Without Aiming!

Gameplay Update – Shoot without Aiming

Since a lot of players found it hard to do tricks whilst aiming and shooting, I added the feature to shoot without aiming. If you press or hold the shoot button you will now shoot straight ahead. If a enemy is in front of you, your character will automatically aim at that enemy. So there is a auto targeting system that targets enemies in front of you automatically. Of course you can still slow down time and aim manually if you want to. This helps targeting enemies you want to focus on like bosses or exploding foes.

Next to that major change here are the other things that have been changed/fixed/:


  • Shooting without aiming at random target in front of you


  • Character can’t go beyond level 50 (no health/damage increase after level 50) in Single Run mode
  • Less health/damage gain with level up
  • Healthpotions now heal a fix amount instead of a percentage of the players max health
  • Manual and grind balance upgrades now also lower difficulty increase over time
  • More points needed for level up in every difficulty
  • Points needed for level up increases every 20 levels instead of every 25 levels
  • You wont get hurt from slams anymore
  • Lowered health of Santa Character
  • Lowered prices of addons
  • Lowered the increase of scrap you get from the more scrap addon
  • Overall balancing


  • Enemies don’t go through floor anymore
  • Fixed a bug that caused new cards to not unlock the first time
  • Minor menu fixes