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The Last World » Game Update 12.16

Game Update

1 The number of monsters in levels 2-6 has been greatly adjusted, and the duration of the levels has been reduced.
2 The basic attack of the BOSS has been greatly reduced. Now in most cases, the BOSS will not be killed directly.
3 Optimized a small number of feedback text issues
4 Solved the problem of infinite stacking of attributes when switching characters
5 Change the color of the skill prompt range of the protagonists to white to distinguish it from the monster prompts
6 Solved the problem that some players could not enter the game normally
7. Optimized the problem that the names of battle props cannot be displayed normally.
8 Optimized the problem of the number of upgrades of special skills when there are no new basic skills.
9 Optimized some sound effects issues
10 Optimized the problem that the beaten state occasionally cannot be recovered