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Nightshift Survival » Game Mechanic Improvements + Bug Fixes

Hey guys!
Today we are releasing our version 1.0.5, with bug fixes and some improvements:

– Fixed the annoying camera bug caused by combining the Measuring Tape item with some specific weapons, such as the Party Balloon and Candle;
– Added new screen resolution option in settings;
– Adjusts to some particle systems that were damaging performance;
– Added new ability for Boomerang: now it collects XP scattered around the scenario and brings it to you!
– Lantern no longer shines light on objects in the scene, avoiding lighting errors;
– Consumable items will now only appear on the Level Up screen from level 5 onwards;
– XP Orbs now have different colors according to how many points they are worth;
– More abundant consumable items throughout the scenario;
– Minor adjustments and rebalancing

Stay tuned for big news soon!