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Relinked » Game changes and bug fixes

I’m glad to welcome you! Keeping in mind that the game is constantly being updated and I’m fixing bugs you find! Thank you for that, I have already started developing the story campaign for the game.

The following changes have been made recently:
– Jerk is now directed towards the character’s movement, rather than behind the mouse;
– Added camera shake when taking damage;
– The maximum attack enhancement level has been raised to level 15.
– Sword deals damage when time stops;
– Speed of spheres on Chinese location reduced;
– Laser burns enemy bullets;
– Added OK sign on the enhancement panel;
– Fixed weapon rotation;
– Fixed the game’s difficulty balance;
– Reduced the price of turret, triangle shield, weapon stations and healing. Turret health has been increased;
– Arrows became cheaper; Changed their interaction with shields, arrows are not destroyed on collision with them, but slowed down;
– Fixed bugs with game crashes;
– Snake’s health has been reduced;
– Fixed a bug when dragging weapons;
– Removed the Chinese warrior health image that was used for testing.
– Added weapon impact;
– Added screen reddening on damage;
– added pause;
– energy now restores to maximum as you level up;
– redrawn game menu;
– rebalanced the game;
– fixed text display in weapon and skill panels;
– fixed the ghost bug that was crashing the game;
– fixed the health bar bug with going into minus;
and other minor bugs