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The Riftbreaker » Galatea 37 Celebrates Halloween

Hello Riftbreakers!

Spooky season has arrived at Galatea 37! Get your costumes out of the wardrobe and decorate your Riftbreaker bases.

For a limited time, until November 10th, you can enjoy the Halloween celebration event in The Riftbreaker. We have prepared a couple of cosmetic changes that will transform the look of your bases and help you get in the holiday spirit.

As we stated in our Halloween Update Patch Notes:

During this event, the Tropical and Volcanic Zones of Galatea 37 will be illuminated by a custom-made weather event, with orange haze and a smokey atmosphere, as if you were close to a fire. Delicate ash and ember particles complete the look of a burning planet. Your Energy Connectors will be replaced with skulls and bones. Basic lamps will be decorated with Jack-o-lanterns. Rift portals you place on the ground will change into magical cauldrons filled with a strange substance of an unknown origin. The basic floors will also get an overhaul as we apply a cobweb theme to them in true Halloween fashion.

All the changes that happen during this event are purely cosmetic and can be turned off at any time. Go to the options menu, select ‘gameplay’, and change the ‘seasonal events’ option to on or off, depending on your preference. You can even switch between them back and forth – the change applies in real time!

Please note that due to technical reasons and the way this event works, if you play in the Tropical Zone or the Volcanic Region biomes during Halloween, you will NOT see weather events other than ‘smoke and ash Halloween special’. If you turn the seasonal event off, the custom weather effect can take up to 10 minutes to go away. Other than this, the event has no real effect on gameplay.

Enjoy the festivities!
EXOR Studios