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Galactic Glitch: Prologue » Galactic Glitch: Prologue – Update v0.831

Heyo Stellar Explorers!

After our big Traps & Translations update, we’ve got another follow-up for you!

This one includes a whole bunch of fixes to issues reported by our awesome community, like finally reducing the Breaker’s frontal AOE attacks (the Asteroid level miniboss), so they’re now challenging but still fair to dodge. We’ve also reduced trap HP by a good bit, so now it’s possible to decide to quickly take them out, before the room gets too bullet-hell crazy. 💣💥

And one more big one, we’ve now added that you drop your old weapon when collecting a new one. Lots of players were asking about this, and although it makes some situations a bit more messy we tested it and think it is actually better this way. Thanks for pointing that one out to us, and not letting us off the hook for it! 😀 💪

That all being said, here’s the full changelist:


  • Swap rebound controls that are already bound
  • Replace some icons for Powers/Weapons
  • Add SFX for simulation overload
  • Add dropping of old weapon when picking up new one (except in Sanctuary)
  • Optimize Cyberspace backgrounds for lower quality setting
  • Add effects on enemy homing bullets


  • Reduce Breaker frontal AOE attack thickness
  • Last Hope – Add short player stun
  • Reduce all Trap HP
  • Reduce amount of traps in Forge level
  • Replace big trap Asteroid level
  • First Impression – Now spreads damage over subparts


  • Fixed Slingshot Achievement trigger Reported by DefiantZero – Thanks!
  • Fixed Challenge Mode portals overlapping with pickups
  • Fixed Arrakh cannon bullets not curving towards enemies Reported by teod0036 – Thanks!
  • Fixed Gamepad input on ending screen
  • Fixed post-overload dialogue
  • Fixed Pitch & Patch triggered during auto-destruct Reported by teod0036 – Thanks!
  • Fixed stacking on Crunchy Targets power Reported by paperpancake – Thanks!
  • Fixed activation on Hurricane Power
  • Fixed Testudo enemy damage vs traps
  • Fixed Keybind turning blank Reported by paperpancake – Thanks!
  • Fixed EOs popping-in after Jump
  • Fixed entering empty room emptying glitch energy

One more note – This will probably be the last update to the Prologue, as we’re now moving forward at full force with the main game Infinity’s Edge. If you haven’t already, please wishlist the full game on Steam, and also let any of your Roguelike buddies know about it.

We are still trying to build up a decent number of wishlists for our launch later next year, and we’re now only about 30% of where we will need to be, so every bit helps immensely! 🙌

As always, your feedback is what drives us forward and what will help us make this game as great as it can be! We’re super thankful for all your continued input and feedback for the game, especially on our Discord!

Enjoy the update everybody! 👾