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Galactic Glitch: Prologue » Galactic Glitch: Prologue – Update v0.608

Hey you Stellar Explorers! 🚀👋

Strap in, because we’ve got a massive update for you today!

There’s a ton of stuff in here, lots of it only possible because of YOU, our awesome community, and all the feedback and bug reports you’ve been sending out way! Thank you so much to everyone! ❤️

With that said, let’s hop right in:


  • Added and improved rewards after completing Challenge modes
  • Made Power UI stack with overlay, instead of going into second line
  • Improved Bouncer enemy attack animation
  • Added better ending animation to Challenge Modes
  • Improved Player accidentally jumping to next room after room clear
  • Add text feedback on Backstab damage
  • Improved Sanctuary NG+ selector effects
  • Longer lasting debris from enemies
  • Improved SFX and collection of Orbs and Shards
  • Add Screen Settings for Fullscreen or Borderless (Resolutions are WIP)


  • Increased attack startup for Bouncer and Breaker (first level Mini-Boss)
  • Reduced Bullet speed on a few enemies
  • Reduced aggro time for Stinger enemy in the Forge
  • Made some powers trigger on wave spawns instead of entering room: Cloaking Device, First Impression, Guns Akimbo


  • Fixed Portal in Sanctuary sometimes not working
  • Fixed Hyper-Skythe sometimes didn’t fire
  • Fixed EMP not hitting very close enemies
  • Lots more minor fixes, including Challenge mode reset, dialogue, Void Ring, and others

Again, we’re super grateful for all your feedback and bug reports. And we’re especially thankful to everyone that left a review since release. We’ve finally reached the magic 50 review marker, with a 100% positive rating no less, and got the amazing “Very Positive” rating here on Steam. 🎉

If you like what we’re doing so far, and haven’t left a review yet, it would be amazing if you could add your voice to the crowd. Even a super short review helps us out immensely. Reviews are like rocket fuel for the game and will help us go further and make the game even better! 🚀

We’re very curious to hear what you guys think about the update, so please send us any feedback, thoughts or ideas for what you’d like to see in the game. Let’s build this universe together! 🙌

Enjoy the update! ✨