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Galactic Glitch: Prologue » Galactic Glitch: Prologue IS FINALLY OUT!

Greetings Space Adventurers,

The wait is finally over! The free Prologue version of our physics-based Action Roguelike, Galactic Glitch, is out now! Download the game here and start blasting the universe to bits like never before!

What’s in the Prologue? Let’s break it down:

  • Experience Two Full Levels: Navigate through unique enemies and environments, while testing your skills against a challenging final boss.
  • Unleash Your Power in Multiple Challenge Modes: Put your abilities to the test in our varied challenge modes.
  • Discover NG+ Modes: Want more of a challenge? We’ve added three game-altering NG+ modes that add new enemies and up the ante.
  • Physics-Based Roguelike Action: Command an advanced space fighter and use the power of gravity to hurl asteroids, stop missiles, and turn the battlefield to your advantage.

Remember, while Galactic Glitch: Prologue gives you a taste of our galaxy, the full meal is yet to come! Although the main title is expected to launch later this year, you can add Galactic Glitch: Infinity’s Edge to your wishlists on Steam right now.

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