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No Reloading: Survival Trials » G.Round Updates for Demo

We have had an epic few days with the help of the G.Round crew, streamers, and players beating the bejeebers out of the evil goblins!

Haven’t tried the demo yet? This trailer will give you a taste of what you’re missing!

Join the fun in the free demo/prologue on Steam today!

  • You can now kick, even if there are no targets nearby. No more, “why does the kick button not work?!” even though it actually was technically working…
  • Progress toward finding Roger’s dog, Duke, is now displayed at the end of each level.
  • Tactical dual wield now requires having a second arm first. Kinda hard to dual wield without two arms!
  • Scavenger now requires having a second arm first. Again, kinda hard to scavenge ammunition if you can’t hold a gun and ammunition at the same time!
  • Score pop-ups now say “HP” if the kill helped heal you. For example, “+10 HP” if the kill healed you 10 hit points. Otherwise, if you’re already at full health, it will simply say, “+10.” Also, increased the size of all score pop-ups.
  • A Roger-wielded bonk stick now deals more damage, ensuring new players don’t think that the bonk stick isn’t working.
  • The first few levels, Roger cannot be stunned by stun guns. New players were overwhelmed and confused by all the goblins armed with stun guns, making Roger annoyingly drop his weapons all the time!
  • The red kill marker on the crosshair is now substantially bigger!
  • You can now reduce, or shut off, the CRT filter user interface effect in options.
  • Substantially increased legibility of all text.
  • Key cards can now be spotted as long as you are in the same room as the key card, even if they are obstructed by debris. This should reduce the likelihood of you having no hint via the objective arrow as to where to find the key.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where on-screen prompts did not show the correct keybindings.
  • Fixed bug where the “get dog food” objective was not being properly cleared in the city prologue.
  • Glass shattering was not using the right sound volume mixer, and thus was louder than other sounds.
  • Fixed bug where it said the permanent lanyard was unlocked, when in actuality it was first person view that was unlocked.
  • Fixed initialization bug that occurred when running the game with the Turkish language.