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Furcifer's Fungeon » Furcifer’s Fungeon 0.6.0 (Demo)

Hey everyone! Today we released patch 0.6.0 for the demo, marking a major version!
The demo has been progressing very nicely, to a point that we start to plan for the final release. So at some point, we need to have actual full version exclusive content. We thought about that for a while and think we found the coolest way to do it:
We will make large portions of items, talents etc. available in a rotation for several weeks. This way, you can take a look at it, test it and give feedback.

This patch is centered around 2 things:
1) We vastly improved controller support, making it almost feature-complete.
2) We introduced new content, some permanent and some of it rotating.

Here are the full patch notes for version 0.6.0:
New Features:


  • Ice Blocks, Shatter, Azrael’s Ice Demise, Azrael’s Final Form, Samael’s Eternal Infernal Burnal, Samael’s Final Form


  • Any number of controllers can be used and switched on the fly – you don’t need to change it in the options
  • Added button rebinding for controller
  • Now shows correct (and controller type dependent) button prompts
  • ADDED CONTROLLER VIBRATION – Can be adjusted in the options
  • Added deadzone configuration for both sticks
  • Players 1 and 2 can now both play with a controller


  • Added rotating content for the demo, that will only be accessible temporarily for testing (and of course included in the full version). They can be enabled in the options. Temporary items can not be added to the collection. Please help us test this content!
  • This version includes preview versions of the missing Electricity set items and two Electricity talents


  • Added Opportunity talents, that are only offered once per run. Some talents are Opportunities now. Let us know how you like them, they are an experiment.


  • You can now keybind switching to one specific wand
  • You can now keybind the 4 individual attacks to keys and the wand switches automatically (this should offer an alternative way to cast that makes it easier to keep track of the current wand)
  • Added autoaiming options: off, assisted (you can influence aiming, but it snaps), full
  • Added an autofire toggle button


  • Poison now ticks half as fast, but for twice the damage per tick
  • Burn now ticks half as fast, but for twice the damage per tick


  • Sun Strike: Reduced delay from 0.8 to 0.3
  • Firebolt: Improved trajectory to converge earlier


  • Thermite now requires a Fire item instead of a Neutral item


  • Increased Scale Mail Cold resistance 20% -> 20/30/40 %


  • All dashes now reset the player knockback


  • Reduced the speed of the fast scrolling conveyor belt module


  • Fixed wand switch not being buffered while charging
  • Fixed Dark fire kills not being counted
  • Fixed a crash related to electrified water after multiple runs
  • Fixed Spell areas being shown for a moment after the player spawns
  • Fixed Menu-cursor mode activating after player 2 logged off
  • Fixed upgrades being pickable through the stats screen with keyboard or controller
  • Fixed a crash with p2 switching character and the damage meter

Visuals & minor changes:

  • Thermite now changes the burn visual
  • Deep Freeze now changes the ice visuals
  • Made screen wide heal particles more responsive