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Furcifer's Fungeon » Furcifer’s Fungeon 0.5.6 (Demo)

Hey everyone! This is one of our largest content patches so far, bringing a bunch of new enemies, reworked patterns and new Dungeon modules. We also added an Easter egg themed talent. We wish you a Happy Easter!
If you want to find out more about the new baddies (such as their elemental vulnerabilities), take a look at the Monster Manual (from the inventory or the title screen) 🙂

Here’s the full changelog for 0.5.6:

New Features:

  • REWORKED enemy patterns: Mushroom mobs, Bees and Slime Spawns
  • NEW enemies: Black Knight, Black Mage, Black Bolt, Spooker and Sparky
  • Added seasonal “Bunny Eggs” talent
  • Added 9 new Dungeon modules


  • Fixed a crash when water was placed in the first frame of a new run
  • Fixed a crash caused by Honking Heal
  • Fixed mushrooms waking up instantly without taking damage
  • Fixed area indicator building unnecessary shapes in the background
  • Fixed a crash when the waterfall was dried out because of the heat modifier
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles could get weirdly large
  • Fixed the Frozen region mod name being broken
  • Ball lightning can no longer spawn inside objects
  • Fixed player being unable to cast when hovering over the healthbar
  • Fixed secondary wand popping in at the start of a run
  • Fixed blue flame popping away for a few frames after launch


  • Adjusted enemy spawn rate, damage, movespeed and health, fungeon scroll speed scaling
  • Spiderwebs now work differently


  • Ball Lightning: damage 90 -> 100
  • Detonate Ball Lightning: damage per tick 30 -> 40
  • Blue Flame: charge duration increased by 10%

Visuals & minor changes:

  • Added mushroom wakeup animation
  • Conflagration: Changed fire projectiles to look less dangerous for you
  • Reduced heal-particle amount
  • Reduced Fire-floor particle amount
  • Adjusted vignette effect
  • Adjusted torch particle system (sparks)
  • Lifesteal visual effect is now based on relative amount healed. It now only shows the effect when health was missing.
  • Reduced firewall particle amount