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Furcifer's Fungeon » Furcifer’s Fungeon 0.5.5 (Demo)

Patch 0.5.5 for Furcifer’s Fungeon is here! We added a feature that was requested a lot: a monster book where you can find out details about the Fungeon’s fauna. It also counts how often you have defeated any type of monster, and shows their elemental vulnerabilities!

The Frightening Frog, for example, is weak to Fire and Electricity, but resilient against Cold attacks. Cold? Yes, we have renamed Water to Cold, as it’s a better representation!

Anyway, check out the details in the full changelog for 0.5.5:

New Features:

  • Added a MONSTER MANUAL (accessible from title screen and inventory)
  • Also added monster-specific elemental vulnerabilities!
  • Effective/Ineffective damage is now shown next to the damage number (see Options to turn all damage numbers on)
  • Enemies now can deal elemental damage by contact, which should make elemental resistances more useful!
  • Damage numbers are now colored based on their element


  • Fixed “The Grind” stat bonus not being applied
  • Fixed background elements being hoverable through the levelup screen
  • Fixed floor color changes being dragged to where they should not be
  • Fixed Tim the Scarecrow using the power level of the previous run, making him weirdly strong sometimes
  • Fixed “Lumberjack” sometimes spawning coins offscreen when the tree is at the bottom
  • Fixed “Flash Friends” only applying the player’s crit/crit damage for 2s while the speed buff lasted (let us keep an eye on the balance impacts of this fix!)
  • Prevented skeletons from standing inside enemies
  • Fixed a crash related to the Cloud hitting stuff it really should not
  • Fixed a crash when closing the Fungeon Report with 2 players
  • Damage done by player 2 is now shown in the damage meter
  • Fixed “Heat Disposal” not being accessible through “Hammer Juggling”
  • Fixed tutorial slimes and Cactor sometimes levitating
  • Game now ignores the first click when the window was not in focus


  • Reduced “Lumberjack” coin chance to 50% (compensating for the coin value change last patch)
  • “Consume Friends” now requires “Shared Blood”
  • “Necromastery” now requires “Undead Horde”
  • Reduced “Necromastery” requirements from 100 to 50 skeleton kills
  • “Flash Friends” now gives +20% skeleton movespeed permanently


  • Blue Orb charge time increased by 10%
  • Dragon now pierces up to 2 weak targets
  • Player 2 now gains dash damage, critical hit chance, and critical damage with each character level

Visuals & minor changes:

  • Changed “Water” element to “Cold” to work better with the item set and coming content
  • Improved Bee and Big Bee animations
  • Improved enemy animations, especially jumps are less janky now
  • Improved enemy hit feedback
  • Added unique particles for items of each element, also improved the sparks
  • Marked the area to pray to the furcifer statue with a glow
  • Player is now forced to take an item once, so new players cannot miss it ……
  • Damage number direction now works better for strong enemies and late game
  • Improved German localization
  • Increased click area to enter the fungeon and now also highlight the portal, portal also expands now
  • Wands that are not yet unlocked are now shown as a black silhouette