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Furcifer's Fungeon » Furcifer’s Fungeon 0.5.4 (Demo)

Hey everyone, we finished another update for the demo! The big new features this time are floor mods that change up the environment and enemies, and a German localization!

With the mods we hope to make your runs a bit more varied and challenging. We want to add a lot more different mods in the future. Let us know how you like them.

The German translation was done by us. Our publisher IndieArk is translating the game (including the demo) into several Asian languages. If you want to help localizing the game to other languages, send us a DM on Discord!

Here’s the full changelog for 0.5.4:

New Features:

  • Added FLOOR MODS, random modifications to floors, like a frozen Forest (currently 3 major and 3 minor mods that are assigned randomly)
  • Added a german localization!
  • Localization can now be picked in options
  • Added a Furcifer statue you can pray to in item rooms – it heals you and opens the hands
  • Several behind-the-scenes improvements to the layout of tooltips
  • Reduced the number of coins dropped, and equally reduced the amount of exp needed. This will reduce scores overall, don’t worry about them being lower


  • Fixed personal high score not being saved when not buying an item and immediately quitting the game
  • Fixed a crash related to the quest-finish message


  • Increased number of enchanted enemies late game
  • Allowed enchanted common enemies in very late floors
  • Last floor now kills you even more aggressively, you just keep finding ways…!
  • Reduced the movement speed scaling on enemies


  • Sir Honkalot dash damage 100 -> 120


  • Charged Flame: damage 130 -> 110, kockback 500 -> 450
  • Wave: cooldown 0.9 -> 0.8
  • Gun (left click): damage 30 -> 40, reduced the effectiveness of mashing the shoot button with the gun
  • Shotgun: bullets 10 -> 9
  • Venom Tooth: damage 60 -> 70

Visuals & minor changes:

  • Improved line spacing in tooltips
  • Added a hint for the talent tree on the levelup screen
  • Added a hint that you can view player builds in the leaderboard
  • Adjusted Fireball light effect
  • Added a glow to “Enter Fungeon” sign to make it look more interactive
  • Reduced the amount of lifesteal particles
  • Improved charge animation
  • Made difficulty based colors less intense
  • Conflagration projectiles now move faster with the same distance
  • Adjusted burn particle amount
  • Reduced hyperspeed particles
  • Slightly adjusted tooltip size
  • Added drop shadow to tooltips
  • Improved shockhands vfx
  • Improved lightning strike vfx
  • Telegraphs now fade out faster