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Furcifer's Fungeon » Furcifer’s Fungeon 0.5.1 (Demo)

Since the 0.5.0 update a lot of new players have played the demo, and we have received lots of feedback – thank you guys!
In this patch, we added a much requested feature: a talent viewer! It allows you to see what talents there are and what is currently in the talent pool. It should also give you a feeling for how much more content there is to come 😉

We also added three new talents, and some other awesome stuff! Check out the full patch notes below:

New Features:

  • The complete talent tree can now be viewed ingame. It marks which ones you have seen and picked. Within the run, you see which ones you have chosen and which ones you have the requirements for.
  • NEW CHARACTER TALENTS: “Feathers of Justice”, “Yoink!” and “Time Warp”
  • Trees can now be killed (they are really tanky earlygame tho)
  • The player can no longer be squeezed to death by the screen border, instead, Furcifer will save you
  • Dash can now be bound to the mouse
  • Mouse4 and Mouse5 buttons can now be used for key bindings


  • Fixed Detonate Ball Lightning explosion sometimes not hitting targets
  • Fixed damage numbers moving weird on some systems and when vsync was off
  • Fixed dash cooldown digits being cut after “.”
  • Fixed Rage-Flames coming after closing the chest even when not stealing when you still had rage left over
  • Fixed talents rounding their parameters, leading to inaccurate display (such as Gold Conductor duration being 0.25 but displayed as 0.3)
  • Fixed “Quest complete” marker not being paused when the game pauses
  • Fixed that fungeon color grading could be dragged into menus
  • Fixed paw cursor being offset



  • Reduced Dark Fire (boss) hp by 10%
  • Reduced chance of encountering Dark Fire from 30% to 20% per dungeon
  • Increased Wilhelm base Intelligence by 2
  • Increased the amount of bonus stats player 2 gets
  • Reduced item quality bonus from Luck from 2% -> 1%
  • Added a bonus to item quality based on how deep you are in the fungeon (goal is to make it more possible to find high-level items without stacking massive amounts of Luck while keeping Luck relevant)
  • Slightly reduced the chance of temporal buffs dropping
  • Increased shop item price by 10%
  • Death floor is now slightly harder, “THE END” is now slightly easier


  • Ball Lightning: damage 60 -> 80
  • Wave: damage per tick 27 -> 30
  • Sunstrike: cooldown 1.0 -> 0.9
  • Whirlwind: damage 65 -> 70
  • Venom Tooth: impact damage 50 -> 60
  • Thunder Slash: damage 70 -> 65, Knockback 330 -> 300
  • Magician: damage 170 -> 190
  • Fire Orb: damage reduced 180 -> 160
  • Gun: Accuracy increased (30° spread -> 15°)


  • Increased dash damage overall by 10%
  • Increased Sir Honkalot’s feathers’ projectile clearing capabilities


  • Cooling Gloves: no longer have a range restriction, reduced chance
  • Fire Maw: damage +10


  • Reduced level requirements for character-specific talents to 4 and 8 (from 5 and 10)
  • Soul of the Badger: requires 25 Luck now, to be consistent with the other stat-based talents
  • Zop: removed the +10 damage
  • Epic Invulnerability: time 0.3s -> 0.2s
  • Burnie: base damage 60 -> 55
  • Anger: flame damage 20 -> 40
  • Bargaining: exp gain 15 -> 10
  • Thunder God: now needs 100 damage to complete, down from 150. Gives additional 50 damage as the completion reward
  • Growing Armor is now considered a quest
  • Ice Breath: damage 60 -> 120


  • Added hoverable keywords for globe pickups
  • Improved descriptions for Dark Mage, Knight, experience gain, pickup amount

Visuals/minor improvements:

  • Shotgun Blast: gun now shakes while charging
  • Quests now have a mark showing if they are still progressing or done
  • Made the color grading in later floors less intense
  • Furcifer’s rage flames now pause when the game pauses
  • Talent icons now react to hover
  • Made it easier to hover stats in the tooltips
  • Increased numbers of scores viewable in the leaderboard from 30 to 50