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Sue Shi Survival » Full Release!

Sue Shi Survival has officially left early access, and with it comes 3 new characters, 2 upgrade trees, quality of life updates, and a new Shrine mechanic.

Whether you’re suffocating enemies with the stench of Akushū, overclocking your systems on Saibōgu, or dashing all over the place as Nobunaga, the new characters continue to add new, interactive ways to spice up your runs.

Unleash your inner pyromaniac with the Arsonist tree. Chain together upgrades to cover the map in oil and then light it on fire, burning all of your enemies to a crisp.

Feeling overwhelmed with options? The Banishment tree now provides ways to disable upgrades you might not want in your run, all while providing you with helpful bonuses.

Every floor will now spawn 2 capturable shrines somewhere on the map with an indicator pointing towards them. Remain within the shrines capture zone long enough to permanently unlock the random bonus for the rest of that run.

Hope you enjoy! As always, feel free to reach out here, on the community hub, or on our Discord