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Idiotic is now fully released!

It’s been a wild ride full of bug fixes, features, stress, some more bug fixes and learning!


This is the first video game I ever made, its full of mistakes and common pitfalls but I’ve learned a lot from it and gained a lot of new friends! And now it’s also officially completed!! I feel like ending every sentence with an exclamation mark!

I think at the end the game came out OK!
There’s a lot I would want to change/fix but as someone very dear told me once – “Art is never finished, it’s abandoned” (they stole it from somewhere), there’s a limit of how much I could change with the game at the moment!

I think I might do some small changes later on (and probably another bug fix if I know anything about uploading an update and myself), but yeah I think our very stupid, low IQ IDIOTIC adventure is now ending!

I’m going to use everything I’ve learned from this game in my future projects, both in work and outside of it in my personal projects! (IDIOTIC 2 WHEN??)! I have some ideas I started prototyping a while ago and kinda had to leave alone cause other stuff, but yeah! I’m still planning a spiritual successor to IDIOTIC! I don’t know if and when it’ll be done but you would probably hear it first either by sitting next to me while I’m drunk in some random bar or in my Discord server where I post almost everything I’m doing due to my deep rooted habits of bitching about code and bugs while I program!

So yeah! with that out of the way, here’s the new stuff in this smol update:

* Alt Meter:
Goes up when you’re in the Top, goes down (faster) when you’re in the Alt. If you run out of charge you’ll be teleported to the Top and will need to wait a sec before it starts recharging, once it gets out of the red zone (30% charge) you’ll be able to teleport again!

* Fixed bug not showing the XP you earned in your mission summary:
Side effects of the latest hotfix about the XP not saving/calculating right!

* Fixed bug with the save files not going to the right place/not loading right:
I don’t think (period) that it affected anyone but still!

There might be a small issue with the S and D key not working correctly (resetting the key controls, or just binding those keys to something should fix it but yeah)!

So… This is it for now. I still want to thank a lot everyone that supported me even from the beginning, when it was a not even tech demo with a subreddit of 2 people and later on when r/titanfall overwhelmed me with love and support and everyone from there and everywhere else who got a hold of this game in any of its versions and played it!
And specifically thank you to the playtesters who had to suffer through the endless small iterations and bug fixes, (and for the few I broke their PCs with that one experimental update I’m still super sorry! (and happy there wasn’t any permanent damage))!

Also thank you to Yah SKA for making the soundtrack for the game!

So yeah!
That was a very long message but I’m an emotional idiot!
’till the next hotfix (or game)!

Ayen Neuman