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Fruits of Fury » Free the Fury

Brave adventurer: is it freedom that you seek? Then so it must be. Henceforth (or at least within a week) this game shall becometh free of charge. If you purchased this game already, may we honor thee with a full refund.

Money has never been the sole object of our desire. This game is a labor of love. It may still take many more years to perfect. So stay tuned! We do the work so that our own pups will enjoy the game when they are of age. Especially that they may see the artisanship and values instilled within.

And so it is dear friends, lest the time pass too quickly that the crest of success wanes within our lifetime. Enjoy the game! Provide us your feedback so that it may be improved yet. It is the genuine interest from friends like thyself that has made it possible for a few amateurs to withstand the rigors of development and bring such a game to bear.


Andy and Sara
Your Infamous