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Gunfire Reborn » Fourth Quarter Update Notice & 2nd Anniversary of Gunfire Reborn v1.0

Hello, everyone!

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of “Gunfire Reborn” official release! We sincerely appreciate your constantly support and love. It’s because of your unwavering dedication and feedback that “Gunfire Reborn” has steadily to improve. In the upcoming year, “Gunfire Reborn” will continue to be with you all,and we’ll keep refining the game and bringing more fun ideas to life. Let’s look forward to it together!

Fourth Quarter Update Preview:

We’ll be releasing two updates on November 23rd and in late December. The November update will introduce a new gameplay, “Endless Journey,” and three new weapons. In December, we will launch a time-limitied mode with new framework, and some free customization rewards. Stay tuned!

Autumn Sale:

We’re gearing up for the upcoming Steam Autumn Sale and will be offering discounts on the “Gunfire Reborn” base game and the two DLCs “Visitors of Spirit Realm” and “Artisan and Magician”

Steam Points Store:

Animated stickers and avatars of Nona and ZiXiao are now available on the Steam Points Store! Feel free to come and exchange for them!
(Some mistakes occured when we were uploading those stickers and avatars which resulted in the delay. Now we have republished all materials and sincerely appreciate your patient wait.)

Pricing Adjustments in Argentina and Turkey:

Starting from November 20th (PT), Steam will change the currency used for sales in Argentina and Turkey to USD. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to make slight adjustments to the pricing of “Gunfire Reborn” and its DLCs in Argentina and Turkey on November 20th. Players who have already purchased the game will not be affected by this pricing adjustment.

— Gunfire Studio

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