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Rogue Tower » Four Ways to Die

New Challenges!

Four Ways to Die adds the most challenging content yet! Test your skills against quadruple defense or the new Splitsville challenge mode: a mode where the path always splits whenever it can.

New Content!

Four Ways to Die also adds in more content to Rogue Tower which will enhance the play experience even for those not seeking tower breaking challenge with 30 new terrain tiles! Not only does this quadruple the number of tiles in game, but there are also a small number of unique tiles which get to break normal game rules!

Patch Notes
New Features

-Added quadruple defense.
-30 new terrain tiles!
-Trees! Trees randomly spawn during early levels. They can be fell at any point in the game yielding gold. However, their value grows with each level before felling.
-Splitsville challenge mode: The path is guaranteed to split if it is able to. Even on level 1!
-27 new achievements!


-Guaranteed levels before a split increased to be equal to 3 x game mode; 3 on single, 6 on double, 9 on triple, 12 on quadruple.
-Treasure chest hitbox height greatly increased.
-Implemented a fix for one potential cause of camera pan issues caused by connected peripherals.