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Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power » Fleshing out the dungeon Demo v0.0.6 (open to publishers)

Pretty quickly after the 0.0.5 demo drop, this demo brings you a lot of new goodies, and a small change to how things work. I rewrote the whole item-pool-usage system and split things up into proper item categories. Make sure to download the demo from Steam and don’t forget to Wishlist + Follow!

What this means is that we now have active items, passive items, and consumables/trinkets. You can carry only one active item at a time, and it will now be activated (once charged) with a special button, instead of the automatic activation in previous builds of the game.

The other items are either instant usage (like the Book of Magic will automatically level-up all your magic weapons, but also heart-containers, potions, etc.) and other items will have some sort of triggered use (like the Dash-boots).

I created a Support page for Heroes of Loot 3 over here : Orangepixel Game support and I’ll update it as new items are being added, and eventually will also include information on the various monsters and other things of the game.  For now you can find all current items that I’ve been adding in this build and figure out some information on what they do (there will be an in-game codex eventually).

Besides all the items I’ve also been working on more variation in the dungeon layouts. So there are now narrow hallways, obstacles, and more will be added as we turn this game into a worthy dungeon (action) adventure!

I’m now fairly confident with the state of the game, and I’d think we can call this a proper vertical slice! So if there are any publishers out there interested, make sure to contact me (already talking to a couple!)

Full changes list:

  • added: Treasure room now needs key+player interaction to open (no more auto-open if player has a key)
  • added: visual changes for the Axe for 6 levels
  • added: visual changes to the Arrows for 5 levels
  • added: Dashing will break wooden obstacles
  • added: little puff indication effect for when dodge-move is “active” again
  • added: wood-debris to arrow-hazards being broken
  • added: new danger-room (floor spikes everywhere)
  • added: Big Map view (keyboard input might need reset-defaults)
  • added: 35% chance a completed room drops an item of value
  • added: Active items, requiring charging and button-press to activate
  • added: Improved dialog and pop-ups
  • added: item: Book of Elves – level up arrows
  • added: item: Book of Magic – level up magic weapons
  • added: item: Big coin – gives 10 coins
  • added: item: Panic button – teleports you back to starting room
  • added: item: Hourglass – freezes enemies for a few seconds
  • added: item: Dungeon-map – reveals current dungeon layout and room locations
  • added: item Voodoo doll – revives you after death
  • added: item: Master-key to open all chests and treasure rooms
  • added: item Compass for quick travel on map
  • changed: Showing empty heart containers in HUD
  • changed: improved working of floor-spikes
  • changed: rebalancing difficulty of creatures in later levels
  • changed: unified look to hud + interface
  • changed: Tiny keys won’t vanish like normal loot
  • changed: Book of skill is now an item, not a weapon-upgrade
  • fixed: If at Tinychest or Doors that need interaction, bomb’s won’t be dropped by accident anymore (Same button)
  • fixed: some collision detection issues/inconsistencies for bullets/walls
  • fixed: exit on gameover screen not clickable
  • fixed: shortened duration of the boss-appearance effect
  • fixed: start room of a dungeon will remain empty from obstacles spawning
  • fixed: monsters not moving / attacking
  • fixed: shop-prices are all $00
  • fixed: removed big-coins from the shop
  • fixed: “single-drop” items now properly checked across all item pools