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Yeetus » First Update! Controller support and a couple minor bug fixes!

Thank you!

Big shoutout to everyone who’s been playing the the game, sending in bug reports, leaving us awesome reviews, and spreading the word to more people! You rock!

Now, we’ve just rolled our first update!

Controller Love:

Guess what? Full controller support is in the house! You won’t see those controller buttons on the screen, but trust us, your gamepad will work like a charm.

Beat Your Own Records:

Ready for a little friendly competition with yourself? The game now tracks your all-time best times for each level. Check it out when you’re picking a level or soaking in the victory vibes at the results screen!

Outer Space Achievement Fix:

We spotted a little hiccup in the Outer Space Steam Achievement description, but we’ve sorted it out. It’s all accurate now.

Gold Count Magic:

Noticed your gold count on the main menu not catching up after some upgrade shop splurging? Fixed that up for ya. Now it’ll stay right on the money.

Zooming Without a Scroll Wheel:

For those of you yeeting without a scroll-wheel on your mouse, we’ve got your back. We just introduced “[” and “]” as your new go-to zoom buttons.

Thanks a bunch for your patience and for being awesome! YEET away!