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Wild Legion » First Mini Update after GRound’s reviews

Hey good people!

Thank you for playing our game and taking the time to write such descriptive reviews. We did expect to get many criticisms, but all the reviews were really kind. Your will to help us touched the hearts of each of us five 🙂

We managed to do a small update over this weekend:
1) French and other languages’ localization got updated
2) Added a 4K high-resolution mode
3) Added “auto-aiming” and “auto-building” check-boxes to the pause settings
4) Fixed the UI a bit to improve readability (we hope you’ll like it)

P.S. We have finished the giveaway, and one GRound player has already bought Lego Brawls with the cash won!
P.S.S. Hope you can take part in the GRound’s survey soon!

Thank you BluSped team