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Samawa Idle » First Content Update 1.1.0

Hello everyone,

I am excited to introduce the first content update for Samawa Idle, Patch 1.1.0:

The Automator:

  • The Automator plays the game for you, automating many features such as upgrading towers, buying passive abilities, retrying boss fights, looting bounties, and more.
  • The automator system becomes available around Level 160.
  • Every Lv. 50 boss after level 200 grants gear currency to level up the automator.
  • The automator does not reset on rebirth.
  • There are 8 nodes in total, each with a maximum level of 5.

The Rune System:

  • The rune system, available around Level 100, is used for upgrading towers and enhancing workshop passives.
  • Rune monsters, which drop valuable runes, start to spawn upon unlocking the system.
  • There are 10 types of runes, ranging from Normal to Legendary rarity.
  • Runes reset on rebirth.

The Workshop:

  • The shop is now renamed the Workshop.
  • Passives in the Workshop have various rarities, with higher rarities offering better stats.
  • Each passive in the Workshop now has a maximum level of 10.
  • Leveling the Workshop is now more challenging, but stat values have been doubled to maintain power levels.
  • The maximum Workshop level is 60, achievable around Level 700+ (without %exp increases).

Balance Changes:

  • Archer tower base critical chance is now 15%.
  • Poison base damage increased by 25%.
  • Archer Tower’s Stronger Arrows max value is now 16%, with exponential cost.
  • Archer Tower’s Fast Attacks max value is now 50%.
  • Fire Tower’s Boss Killer max value is now 1791%.
  • Lightning Tower’s Weak Killer max value is now 634%, with polynomial cost.
  • Lightning Tower’s Powerful Strike max value is now 2000%, with polynomial cost.
  • Poison Tower’s Permanent Toxin changed to “Chance for Toxin to Last for 20 Seconds.”
  • Poison Tower’s Knowledge Gain is replaced by Stronger Toxin.
  • Energy Tower’s Chain Reaction max value is now 6%.
  • Energy Tower’s Treasure Explosion max value is now 10%.
  • Energy Tower’s Shiny Nova max value is now 300%.
  • Added 5 new end-game stats for further leveling progression.
  • Adjusted costs for several end-game stats.

Other Changes:

  • Added a Pin UI element in the Workshop choose menu to prevent closure when selecting stats.
  • Added a button to lock towers, allowing random tower selection upon tier gain.
  • Fixed a bug where treasure drops 0 gold on hit during super nova without the allocated treasure node.
  • New content unlocks require rebirth.