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Pact of the Ancients - 3D Bara Survivors (nsfw) » Final Stretch!

Hi everyone!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re in the final stages of Pact of the Ancients launch, which will be in the second half of this month. We’ll be revealing the exact date soon!

Game Story
Based on your feedback, we’re adding more backstory to the game. Now, before the adult scenes, there will be a contextualization scene explaining what led up to that moment. These scenes will differ depending on the character, as each of them has their own backstory.

Kulgoth backstory spoiler:


We’ve achieved a robust gameplay experience with 20 skills, 30 equippable items that alter skill attributes, and dozens of achievements for you to collect!

Characters Concepts

We’ve refined the character concepts and here are their final versions:

Kulgoth – The demon

Quintus – The gladiator

Kosan – The barbarian

Kneer – The satyr

William – The defender

Adult Content

We’re actively working on integrating adult content (already finalized!) into gameplay. The scenes will be unlocked during gameplay, and characters will also gradually lose their clothes as they take damage! Will you play it safe or take a risky move to catch a tantalizing peek?

Level Design

We’re also dedicated to the level design post-production, improving lighting, and adding more details leading up to the launch date.

To wrap up this summary, another juicy spoiler for you:

🔑 Join our Discord channel, we’ll be giving out keys for you to test the game!

Wishlist Pact of the Ancients on Steam and stay tuned for more updates.

Male Doll Team