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Mage Lords of Brams » Final Release Date, Price Change & other stuff

So, the game has basically been done for quite some time. I was hoping to get more wishlists before final release but unfortunately it’s a crowded marketplace, I’m not good at marketing games and I want to move on from this project.

First, I’d like to address price. I made this game very cheap hoping interested people would think it’s a no-brainer (also it’s hard to charge too much for a game with minimalistic pixel art). Given the large amount of content in the game, and given that this strategy did not produce any worthwhile sales for me (in fact I suspect it made a lot of people believe it was just shovelware cranked out for a quick buck), the price for the final version has been raised from 2.99 to 4.99. There will be a launch discount for 40% so people who want to obtain it at the old price will have another chance to do so when the game launches next month but the base price is higher to better reflect the value I think people will get when buying it.

I also intend to put it on sale regularly. This year it will probably be 50% for autumn and winter (subject to Steam limitations). There won’t be any discounts larger than 50% until well into next year. I will also post a discount schedule on the forums.

Second, the launch date for the game is tentatively set for September 16 2023, since I have to wait 30 days after a price change to offer a launch discount.

Third, if you already own a copy and haven’t given it a try, I would greatly appreciate it if you did and let me know if you find any bugs or crashes. I would like the game to launch as bug free as possible.

Thanks for playing/testing Mage Lord of Brams!