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Fellowship » Fellowship Update: Patch 0.13.00

This week’s update brings two major additions to Fellowship, alongside several performance optimizations and bug fixes.

Treasure Goblin

Adventurers across the Elderida kingdom have reported sightings of a mysterious Treasure Goblin. This elusive creature, appearing in various biomes, has been seen stealing gold coins, crystals, and other goods. However, those skilled enough to land a barrage of attacks on this burglar have found their stolen goods returned tenfold!

Wave System Rebalancing

Based on community feedback, we’ve revamped the wave system behavior, enemy spawn rates, and overall wave tempo. The waves are now smoother and more frequent. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on these changes.


New Features
  • All stages have been rebalanced.
  • Introducing the new Treasure Goblin, with a spawn chance in all stages.
  • Equipment drop rarity has been rebalanced for all stages.
  • Party base movement speed increased by 33%.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected some non-English localized strings in Perk cards.
  • Fixed alignment issues with some hit VFX.
  • Objective indicators will no longer cover HUD items.
  • As always, we thank you for your continued support and feedback, which are invaluable in our quest to make Fellowship an ever-improving adventure. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them with us on our Discord server and through our community channels.

Stay adventurous,
The Fellowship Team