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Fellowship » Fellowship Update: Patch 0.11.00

We’re excited to bring you the latest update for Fellowship, version 0.11.00. This patch includes general game polish, optimizations, bug fixes, and focuses on two major enhancements:

  1. New Equipment Sets System
  2. Steam Achievements
Equipment Sets

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance the equipment system and diversify gameplay, we’re introducing equipment sets. These sets provide unique buffs and open up new build possibilities. You can find set items dropping from normal mobs, bosses, and specific mob types or elements.

In this patch, we’re introducing the following sets as the first in a series:

  • Scavenger’s Set: Bonus for additional loot and resources, drops from Rats, Goblins & Humans.
  • Elemental Fury Set: Provides elemental damage and resistance, drops from elemental mobs.
  • Beastmaster Set: Boosts criticals and resistance against animal-type enemies, drops from animal-type mobs.
  • Marksman Set: Increases attack speed and adds a projectile for ranged heroes, drops from various ranged mobs.
  • Gladiator Set: Enhances melee attack range, scale, and crits, drops from melee mobs.

Additionally, the equipment drop rate has been significantly increased. We’ve replaced the equipment box drop with the actual equipment, making it visible during the run. Keep an eye out for rare, mythical, or legendary items, now marked with a new beam of light.

Steam Achievements

This patch marks our first foray into Steam achievements and in-game quests. Dozens of new achievements are now available for you to conquer and showcase. In upcoming updates, we’ll tie in-game quests directly to Steam achievements, offering rewards like items and new features to strengthen your party.

New Things
  • Updated look for item drops, displaying the actual item and its rarity on the map.
  • New Sets: Marksman, Gladiator, Scavengers, Beastmaster, Elemental Fury.
  • Added delay before match ends after killing a boss to see and pick up loot. Boss-dropped loot will be auto-claimed if missed.

  • Reduced mini bosses’ status effect resistance from 50% to 30%.
  • Changed boss drop table, with a guaranteed change from 1 to 2 equipment drops and a chance for additional drops.
  • Updated mini boss loot drop, with a chance to drop an additional equipment.
  • Doubled wearable drop chance from normal mobs.
General Bug Fixes
  • Fixed game stutter when boss spawns.
  • Added and corrected some missing localized strings.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

We’re grateful for everyone who enjoys Fellowship and shares their experiences and feedback. If you have ideas for a new equipment set, unique Steam achievements, desired features, or just want to share your feedback, join us on our Discord server and Steam discussion group.

The Fellowship Team