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Might'n Mow'em Co-Op Survivors Online » Feedback Features 6 – Summer Delivers Speed and Statistics!

You expressed a desire for a more comprehensive overview of each round – well, here it is:
At the end of each run, the game now offers a wide range of statistical data. This includes everything from the number of monsters you’ve vanquished – be it regularly or using your Ultimate, the total damage dealt and taken, among many other details.

Many of you – and let’s be honest, us too – found the recurring time spent opening chests a bit lengthy. Here are the changes we’ve made:

  1. We’ve overall shortened the animation duration.
  2. You can now end the entire animation by simply pressing “E”. Rest assured, you will still receive all the contents of the chest, including all the gold and items.
  3. With the Portal-Master Perk that you can acquire from the blacksmith, you even have the option to disable the chest opening pause for each run before the start. The information about the won chest contents will then simply appear on the right side of the screen, and the game will continue uninterrupted.

In addition, we’ve been working intensively on improving performance and squashing some bugs.
With this in mind, we wish you an enjoyable summer and happy monster mowing!