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Might'n Mow'em Co-Op Survivors Online » Feedback Features #5: Progression and Pace

Happy Mow Year 2023 Everyone!

Truly hope you spent enjoyable holidays and maybe even found the time to mow together with your friends.

For our part we continued to have close look at your kind (and sometimes not so kind 😉 ) feedback and are happy to roll out the first patch for this year – which includes:

  • Movement Speed Increase: Now all characters move 20% faster which should help to make the game feel less slow in the early game even without respective upgrades. But beware! Also enemies move 10% faster now.
  • Early Weapon and Item Unlocks: With the latest patch all weapons and items are available from the get-go without the need to unlock the associated class. This should help new players to experiment with different builds early on. Yet, ultimates, characteristics, and buffs are still bound to the respective classes.
  • Standard Playtime Increase: The time for a standard run is now set to 20 minutes – a big thanks to all players who participated in our poll on Discord, your voices are heard! The Portal Master perk does still give you access to additional settings in case you want to e.g. reduce the time in a run.
  • Map Costs Decrease: Map #2 (East Bridge) and #3 (Icy Fields) do now cost less portal stones to be unlocked. This should help to add more variety to the game experience earlier. You might still want to increase your might score before playing those maps, but we leave that up to you.
  • Class Stats Visibility: All class attributes now remain visible after you unlocked a class. This should help to make more informed decisions when switching classes.
  • Millionmower Hall of Fame: We´ve implemented a hall of fame with (almost) all millionmowers. You will find it in the town hub.

Further Fixes:

  • Fixed a glitch that sometimes made chest drops impossible to collect on Icy Fields.
  • Corrupted savegames should now work again.
  • Altered death animation of enemies so they drop XP earlier.

We are still in Early Access and we have a big list of things that we want to add or improve – we hope that you will continue to support us on our way to 1.0 and are keen to receive your feedback!

Happy Mow’in and hope to see you in-game!