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Devader » February Update VI

It’s not often you get to post an update on a leap day, I’m rather impressed with myself for pulling it off.

I’ve made a few updates to Devader. Some minor bug fixes and enemy adaptations. Most noticeable could be:
– the menu is less “jumpy” when using a controller, it now requires you to move the stick a bit further.
– recalling turrets/switching into hedgehog mode is now game-speed independent. You can lower the recall/switching time under Gamepad->Recall Warden. (I’ve just made a note for myself, that this option should be under Gameplay and be called “Turret Action”)
– if you lower the game speed (or increase it) sound effects for shots and explosions will also be played at the changed speed. When you die, time slows down for a bit and you might notice this change there too.
– I’ve made a redesign of some destructible bullets, they now have a black outline and a colorful core

Today Devader received it’s first negative review. I’m kind of sad, but also a bit excited? Better some feedback than just a refund. I would really love to resolve the issue described by the reviewer, but I don’t really understand the problem. So far I have not been able to make contact.

I’m working on an updated trailer for Devader, with some new footage. I am interested to hear what you think. I still need to make a better recording for the “play with friends” bit. Currently just AI players and it looks a bit bland.