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Devader » February Update V

So I am going a little crazy on the updates right now… Sorry? Watching TravelDemon destroy Deity using turrets made me question a few of my balance choices again. At launch there was a sort of soft limiter to the turrets, as going down that path would remove all weapons from the Devader. Players didn’t like it, but I stuck with it for quite some time. It did prevent the turrets from getting out of hand though.

Without the soft limit, turrets in masses can get crazy strong and I see no reason why they could not just dominate pretty much every path I’ve designed. This is not what I want, as I believe this could prevent players from trying out different strategies. I’ve had a solution up my sleeve for quite some time, but I did not really want to do it. The more turrets are on the field, the less damage every individual turret does. If you have less than 4 turrets, they will actually do a bit more damage than they did in the previous build (this might help out people who think turrets are bad, or if you have lost most of them). Every turret above 4 will be a little less efficient. A big bunch of turrets will still wreck most enemies, but it will slow down killing bosses and give them a bit more time to deal damage. I think it will hardly be noticeable for most players, but I hope it will improve the experience and make handling a large amount of turrets more interesting.

I’ve also taken (yet another) look at some of the most brutal waves, e.g. Deru on Deity was (and still is) pretty insane. I’ve reduced shot-speed a little, depending on how many Deru are still around. This will give a better dodge-reaction-chance.

Legolos now has 3 tentacles on Deity, seemed easier than the Hard version and I had to fix that.