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Devader » February Update III

First of all: TravelDemon totally destroyed all previous high-scores. Looks like even Deity mode was no match for the demon. I’m impressed to say the least.

I’ve added some engine-noise to the tank, so far it was silent. You probably wont notice it, unless you turn down the music though. Still, I felt like it was something that was missing. I fixed an issue with the final boss on the score path. The tentacles were not getting created anymore due to an optimization I made in an earlier patch. Ups. Not game-breaking, but the boss was a lot less interesting and a lot easier because of this. Don’t think anyone noticed though?

I’m still working on a new batch of enemies, to make each run even more diverse and interesting. This creature looks pretty cool, but I need to come up with an interesting mechanic/attack pattern still. If you have any ideas, I would gladly hear them 🙂

One reason for the new creatures is that I want to make the game more visually captivating. I’m not that happy with my current trailer (it’s pretty outdated) and would like to have more weird creatures.

Only updated Windows for the time being.