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Devader » February Update II

I mentioned reworking the “Tank” Devader in the last update. The tank received a new rocket launcher and is now much more viable, as you can do damage from a long distance. It’s still hard to handle, but it’s no longer just a gimmick. I managed to get the third highest score on Deity using the tank. Currently I hold all three Deity high scores, I hope this will change.

The rocket launcher was the second special upgrade on the “Protect” branch. Taking it was a pretty easy solution for the tank. I first felt like I could get away with just moving the remaining special upgrade up a notch. Lazy solution. But…. it did not feel right, so I had to come up with something. The new upgrade comes with a pretty drastic change to the Blinker (no more Hedgehog mode) and a less invasive one for the Warden. I hope you like the new challenge.

I did make a few other changes, but nothing too drastic.

Good news everyone: Linux build was updated this time!