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Rift Loopers » Fall Patch

Hello Loopers!

Happy November – With this patch we are bringing some performance optimizations, fixes and more class abilities as we prepare to start working on transitioning Rift Loopers to Xbox next year!

Check out the full details below!

The Pyro is our first DLC character and is now available for purchase! Check it out here!

Patch Notes

  • Ability/Explosion Performance Improved
  • New Ability: Android – Orbital Vortex: Up to three orbs surround you and damage enemies while blocking incoming shots.
  • New Ability: Engineer – Flying Turret: An AI-controlled turret that flies with you as you explore.
  • New Ability: Sapper – Sticky Grenade: Grenades that stick to enemies and walls and explode on a timer.
  • New Ability: Brute – Rage: Become invulnerable for 10 seconds.
  • New Ability: Medic – Cauterize: New default ability for medic class, which heals friendlies in front of player
  • New Ability: Valkyrie – Echo Explosion: Set off an explosion that causes additional explosions on nearby enemies
  • New Ability: Scientist – Glue Bomb: Throw a grenade that spreads globs of foam that will slow down your enemies
  • New Ability: Scout – Super Speed: Temporarily increase your movement speed
  • Lots of other smaller bug fixes…

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