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Super Fantasy Kingdom » Faith Skill Tree!

The last month was so exiting!

Finding a publisher, starting my own company and then going to gamescom – all while still working on the game. It was a lot, but totally worth it!

Hooded Horse

I’ve decided to partner up with Hooded Horse to release Super Fantasy Kingdom. If you don’t know who Hooded Horse is, they are a publisher for strategic indie games, and have quite a lineup of games already.

This doesn’t change anything on how the game is being developed, or what vision I have for the game. Where they will be helping me out is with marketing, QA, localization and production support. That will allow me to really focus on making Super Fantasy Kingdom an amazing game.


It totally blew my mind that SFK got exhibited at gamescom. And I finally met some of you. Seeing the enthusiasm for my work with my own eyes was just surreal. I also saw a lot of people play the game for the first time. And of course I learned a lot from that!

Skill tree

Now back to the game.

There were a lot of updates, but the biggest recent addition is the faith skill tree.

It allows you to decide wether to focus combat, economy or production. As with all parts of the game those priorities will also change based on your general progression.

Next I want to rework how meat works to make it more simple and consistent. You can join that discussion over on Discord!

– Feryaz


Demo Build #42
– Very small resolutions get reset to 640×480 on game start
– A ton of performance optimizations for projectiles and loading time

– The first day starts with two animals
– Added one additional berry bush generating on wild grass
– Increased mouse treasure magnet range
– Reduced base health of Leech (monster) by 2
– Reduced base health of Jester (monster) by 1

– Marksman is a support unit now
– Marksman new passive ability

– Fixed last unlocked unit not being offered
– Fixed tavern summary displaying gained XP for dead units
– Fixed play button being German
– Fixed magnet powerup still working

Demo Build #43
– New UI for card selection
– Card selection can be minimized
– World events position uses predefined randomness
– Performance and code structure optimizations

– Fixed hero health and shield powerups not affecting initial value
– Fixed game resuming in road or flag mode
– Fixed curse level unlock message getting displayed on every win

Demo Build #44
– Added new relic for pixie
– Boss intro and outro are skippable
– Improved behavior of continuing in dialogues
– Reduced transition time before morning
– Grower checks more spaces around farm

– Fixed health and shield values after leveling
– Fixed resource bar hover tooltips not appearing
– Fixed error when stunning bosses

Demo Build #45
– Train tracks can merge now
– Added progress bar to veins
– Added animation when a worker is in the vein

– Fixed assigned unfilled jobs not visible in popup after loading
– Fixed stone and ore deposits still blocking the space until next day after being harvested
– Fixed workers held resource icon z-sorting

Demo Build #46
– Added faith system
– Monsters do not drop treasure anymore
– Buildings generate taxes or faith
– King collects taxes and faith
– New building church can be repaired for a faith collecting worker
– Hero upgrades can be minimized
– Buildings have an entrance spot now so workers walk to a better spot

– Workers reduced movement speed by 5%
– Monk increased damage scaling by 12.5%

– Fixed animals spawned out of thickets did not directly trigger hunters
– Fixed hunter not hunting
– Fixed farm outpost not delivering wheat
– Fixed deposits in the world not being saved
– Fixed upgrading units with shield buff
– Fixed port displaying harvesting time and being affected by production amplifiers

Demo Build #47
– +20% treasure per curse level

– Reduced base health of all monsters by ~30%
– Reduced price to repair church to 3 boards

Demo Build #48
– +1 flat tax for each upgrade on a building
– Shrines produce faith

– Monsters Dryad, Leech and Gremlin reduced health scaling
– King is a bit faster

Demo Build #49
– Tax generation reduced but starts a bit earlier each day, so more is generated on later days

– Monsters Dinosaur, Ghost, Treant and Lizard overall health reduced

– Fixed daily curse treasure bonus
– Fixed fisher not waiting for boat to return
– Fixed fishing spot not disappearing

Demo Build #50
– Beer is given to the unit with the lowest level first now
– Wishlist button opens steam overlay instead of browser
– Units pinned by a boss cannot be upgraded anymore
– Hide upgrade button for dead units
– Treasure amount visible on merchant overlays
– Faith level always visible
– Changed hero XP bar color to green and faith bar color to purple
– Opening building overlay blurs the game

– Reduced all monsters health slightly and damage greatly

– Fixed demolished thickets not getting removed and animals not being spawned
– Fixed after buying second ability from the witch it did not apply until moving a unit
– Fixed jobs getting checked before animals being spawned

Demo Build #51
– Color adjustments for morning, sunset and night
– Secondary abilities effect description gets displayed when dragging a unit
– Accept defeat button gets displayed a little bit later
– Sunshine rays visible on thunder days

– Dinosaur hitbox more at his feets
– Gremlin increased projectile initial velocity

– Fixed stun status FX
– Fixed status FX not being animated
– Fixed monsters not using the bridge after winning
– Fixed range of unit visible at night
– Fixed Marksmans secondary having a cooldown
– Fixed Leech evolution idle animation

Demo Build #52
– New unit: Water Elemental

– Added relics for Leech and Ghost
– Added another dialogue for the first day
– When upgrading veins it shows where tracks can go
– Quest buildings have a question mark once the quest is done
– Unit cards display the max rank achieved
– Workers walk directly to the entrance of buildings when coming from below or above
– Elementals cannot be sacrificed anymore
– Flag button is localizable
– Renamed Invite spots to Outposts
– Carriers are mules now

– Increased radius the geologist searches around the flag
– Ghost flies a bit longer

– Fixed Wind Elemental having no hit animation
– Fixed upgrade button visible for Elementals
– Fixed attacks fade out effect not affected by game speed

Demo Build #53
– All ability and rank descriptions rewritten and translatable
– Improved unit overlay
– Reworked Berserk

– Skeleton base damage from 8 to 9
– Vampire magical defense from 0% to 30%
– Dryad attacks twice as often with half the damage
– Fire Elemental applies Burn 3
– Metal Arrows applies to Miner

– Fixed not being able to drag units into graveyard
– Fixed Dryads hitbox
– Fixed Jesters attack
– Fixed Wind Elemental damage stat to 0

Demo Build #54
– Added ambiance color transition from sunset to evening
– Music fades in and out on pause
– Stables display the amount of carriers
– No color adjustments at the morning on extreme weather
– Hero upgrade selection more visible with gamepads
– Updated death tutorial to explain graveyard better

– Fixed graveyard and elemental tower unit spots
– Fixed Cyclops primary ability description
– Fixed exiting credits with gamepad
– Fixed outpost scrollbar not being selectable with controller
– Fixed clicking on buildings after game over changed mouse cursor

Demo Build #55
– Added exclamation mark to highlight when there’s not enough food
– Hide rank box when ability does not change on any rank

– Fixed still being able to click on things after game over
– Fixed warning message for not enough food
– Fixed Dinosaur with two stars not attacking
– Fixed some languages not being selectable
– Fixed typos

Demo Build #56
– UI displays total, working and idle worker amounts separately
– Added notice that worker wont start new jobs at night
– Camera focuses relevant element at tavern and unit tutorials
– Separated unit dragging and feeding tutorials
– Reordered some tutorial parts
– Added slight delay before opening next tutorial step

– Fixed mouse cursor staying as pointer when leaving carrier dropdown

Demo Build #57
– Added faith skill tree!
– Removed faith levels

– Increased tax generation rate by 25%
– Reduced king base movement speed by 20%
– Reduced duration of night by 33%
– Reduced Jailer achievement requirement to 85
– Tavern does not generate taxes anymore

Demo Build #58
– Added unit health bars in world (press ALT)
– Buildings display once they they are full of taxes
– Display amount of all currently assigned jobs when assigning job
– Added icons to tavern explanation
– Clicking on tavern explanation advances tavern procedure
– Renamed ranking up and ranks to upgrading and stars

– Increased default max amount of units to 8
– Catapult, Trebuchet and Elementals take up unit space now
– Increased max amount of animals for daily spawn from 3 to 5
– Reduced multiple faith skill costs
– Port does not generate taxes anymore

– Fixed status effects animations not playing sometimes
– Fixed sacrificed unit being revivable
– Fixed Elemental tower spawning elemental when there’s no space
– Fixed Portal allowing purchasing unit when there’s no space
– Fixed healtbars of fallen units displaying shield
– Fixed Fire Elemental’s fireball on hit animation
– Fixed delay in music switch after defeating boss
– Fixed rejuvenation status overriding infinite ones
– Fixed being able to click on banish button of greyed out card
– Fixed being able to buy units from the hero when there’s no space left
– Fixed combat being over before killing all of Goblin King’s minions
– Fixed exiting to main menu on 2x game speed
– Fixed Treant ability descriptions